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Lagos state college of primary education (LACOPED)
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Hon. O. Opebanjo (Alimosho I) said he supported the Bill so that “we can have qualitative teachers in the state”. He said:
“I believe if we have experts to teach our children it will be advantageous for us now and in the future. In order for our children to have the best education we must provide employees that are well trained in this field. For instance, it is not easy to have an accountant teaching mathematics in schools. For students to understand what is being taught, there are other techniques for would-be teachers to learn from College of Primary Education when established.”
Another member who supported the Bill for the establishment of College of Primary Education was Hon. J.H. Bamgbose (Badagry I). He also agreed that it would enhance the quality of education in the state. He said:
“We are all complaining that the standard of education in public schools has fallen. With the establishment of this college, I am sure the quality of education will greatly improve.”
He urged every member of the House to support the bill in order to improve the quality of teachers in the state’s primary schools.
In his contribution, Hon. T. Oyewo (Amuwo/Odofin I) said the bill was important in order to correct a situation where the College of Primary Education existed without being properly established in terms of an enabling law. He said:
“The College of Primary Education has not been properly established. I believe if this honourable House considers this Bill and eventually pass it into law, it will go a long way in bringing sanity into the educational system in Lagos State and it will provide quality at its best for our children at primary school level.”
He noted that the bill was in line with the manifesto of the ruling party of the state “which promised not only to provide education at its best quality but also at a very reasonable cost.”
Another member who contributed was Hon. A.D.

K. Are (Mushin I). He said that although the military government did well in establishing the College of Primary Education in the state, which was the first of its kind in the country, it was “illegal to run this institution all these years without a law to back it up.” He praised Governor Bola Tinubu for taking steps to give legal backing to the institution by presenting the bill. He said:
“I want to thank the Executive Governor of this State, Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for giving legality to illegality. I am happy because I am one of the people who want to give legality to this college, the first of its kind not only in Lagos State but all over the country.”
He, however, suggested that the Bill should be sent to the Committee on Education for fine-tuning. He said:
“Being a member of the Education Committee, I say that it is a very good Bill but then it should pass through the Committee on Education for fine-tuning and necessary improvement. There are some sections in the Bill that I believe should be improved upon and the best way to do it is to make it go through the Committee and later for the whole House to fine-tune whatever is supposed to be fine-tuned.”
In expressing his support for the bill, Hon. A.O.T. Fadeye (Mushin II) noted that the bill was about the future of the younger generation of Lagosians. He said:
“I rise to support this Bill because we are talking about the future of our children. We are talking about the future of great leaders coming behind us, and we are talking about the people who are going to be trained to train the next generation. We have got to be serious about it. We should not fail to support this Bill for the establishment of this college because we are talking about specialisation of a particular set of people to train our children; we are also talking about the comprehensive and adequate training they are going to give our children.”
He further argued that the establishment of the college would help to realise the objectives of the Federal Government Universal Basic Education Scheme, because the college would train teachers who will educate the those in primary schools. He said the House should give urgent attention to the Bill “because of the manifesto of our great party – free education which leads to the development of ourselves, our community and the nation in general.”
The last person to speak on the bill was Hon.T.J. Agoro (Lagos Mainland I). He said the purpose of the College of Primary Education was to upgrade the knowledge of those who teach at the primary school level. “It is to improve the Grade II teachers, thereby phasing out Grade II Certificate and making sure that it is only NCE holders that will teach in our primary schools”, he said, adding that the House should expedite the passage of the Bill so that another state would not seize the initiative from Lagos State. He however, urged the House to commit the Bill to the Committee on Education, because, according to him, the bill “contains certain things which we need to fine-tune”.
The Bill was consequently committed to the Committee on Education and was given three weeks to work on it and present its report to the House.
The Committee on Education submitted its report on the Bill to Committee of the Whole House. The report, which was presented by the Chairman of the Committee, Hon. A. Oyemade (Ikeja I), read:
After extensive deliberation into the Bill referred to the House Education Committee, we are able to come up with some recommendations. It goes as follows;
Following the Motion moved on the floor of this honourable House to effect that ‘a Bill for a Law to provide for the Establishment of the Lagos State College of Primary Education (LACOPED) be committed to the House Committee on Education for further deliberations’, the Committee swung into action to deliberate on the Bill.
The Lagos State College of Primary Education (LACOPED) was established in 1996 with the objective to provide courses of instruction, leading to the award of NCE (Primary/Diploma), and other certificates in primary education; to provide special training courses in education and related courses; in addition, to produce an adequate supply of well-qualified primary school teachers suitable for employment by both the federal and state ministries of education. Furthermore, it is to conduct research with particular reference to teachers’ education, among others.
Other provisions of the law include the following:
1. Functions of the College;
2. Establishment and composition of a governing council for the college;
3. Appointment, tenure of office and remuneration of members of the council;
4. Secretary of the governing council;
5. Functions of the council;
6. The appointments and promotions committee;
7. Junior staff appointments and promotions committee;
8. The moderator and the functions of the moderator;
9. Provost, deputy provost and other staff;
10. The council to appoint staff;
11. Establishment of the academic board;
12. Composition of the board;
13. Quorum of the board;
14. Functions of the academic board;
15. Establishment of schools;
16. Research, development and production centres;
17. Congregation;
18. Convocation;
19. Alumni association statutes;
20. Power to make regulations;
21. General power of the council;
22. Removal of the provost from office;
23. Procedure for removing other staff;
24. Exercise of disciplinary functions by the provost;
25. Power of council to suspend activities of the college;
26. Council to appoint finance and general purposes committee;
27. Financial accounts, etc;
28. General fund of the college;
29. Bank accounts;
30. Annual estimates;
31. Auditing of the accounts;
32. Gifts, donation, grants and endowments;
33. Executive and issue of contracts instruments, etc.;
34. Service of notice, etc.;
35. Restriction of suits and execution;
36. Power of education commissioner to give directives;
37. Application of CAP 346 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria;
38. Vacancy or defect in appointment not to invalidate proceedings;
39. Submission of annual report;
40. Resignation or re-appointment, etc.;
41. Leave of absence;
42. Member of authorities to declare personal interest;
43. Compulsory acquisition of land under CAP 202 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria;
44. Exemption from stamp duties etc, Cap 181 Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria 1994;
45. Power to make proposal for amendment to the Law;
46. Unauthorised use of the name of college; and
47. Interpretation
The above listed items are expressly stated in the proposed law and are well in line with the present day realities. We are therefore proposing that part 2 item 6(i) on page 7 of the proposed law be expanded from “three (3) other members representing other interests” to Five (5) members representing the Five (5) divisions of Lagos State as this would make for wider representation and participation.

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